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news: Deep-voiced men have more kids
news: Female Ninjas Rob Richland Gas Station With Sword
news: Two-Headed Turtle?? how does it poop???
news: having sex four times in the name of justice
news: Forget Facebook, Faceball is the latest office craze
news: Traffic warden finds his own moped clamped
news: Britney Spears' two new songs are really good
news: maraijuana sprouts in japanese prison yard
news: Boredom, revenge and the other 235 reasons to have sex
news: Fighting crime from a three-wheeler
news: anyone for porno pizza?
news: lesbian street gangs cause kaos
news: Man bursts into flames after being shot by a taser gun
news: Robber caught - by mum
news: Seattle may ban microwave popcorn
news: how much money it costs to buy happiness
news: Naked man superglued to exercise bike
news: Mrs Beckham visits silicon vallery?
news: the danish cellphone striptease scandal
news: Woman calls in bomb threat to avoid working over the weekend
news: Man arrested for trying to cash $50,000 check from The Lord.
news: Woman accused of using infant as car down payment
news: Kasper the Clown' faces prison for punching schoolboy
news: Man mistakes porn DVD as woman's cries for help
news: Customer sends bailiffs in to seize bank's computers
news: stoner starts a house fire drying weed in the oven
news: Are there really any better ways to protest royalty than eating swans
news: Australian zoo is putting humans on public display.. human zoo tastic
news: Stolen diamonds stashed where the sun don't shine
news: British thief orders half a pint at pub and then steals a urinal
news: Connecticut man pays $200 for 3 snowballs!
news: Cop suspended for sending nude photo of himself to a suspect
news: Judge orders woman to wear sign saying I AM A THIEF
news: Elvis tribute act receiving death threats because he is BALD
news: survey finds 2/3's of Britons think Italian sauce is an STD
news: man gives up lottery group at work hours before they hit the jackpot
news: Nude pictures on stolen phone prompt call from thief
news: Miracle Baby flushed down toilet and survives
news: Canada troops battle 10-foot Afghan marijuana plants
news: Grandmother sues USPS because they thought her fruitcake was a bomb
news: Teacher discovers a new method to keep students in check... asers them
news: Thai leaders ban go-go girls from dancing near tanks
news: McDonald's wins five-year legal battle against Mc Curry
news: Twenty-five percent of Russians have sex while driving
news: Seattle Train Commuters Get Daily Glimpse Of Nude Beach
news: Truck driver runs over gator, takes it home to Virginia and proclaims "We're going to play with it t
news: Man tries to beat speeding ticket by blowing up traffic camera
news: Woman falls through floor of house while having sex
news: Two men from Big Brother tv show Austraila were kick off .
news: Machine gun, cell phone, car a bad mix
news: If your friend has narcolepsy, don't pull a prank on him when he crashes
news: Ninja madness hits Canterbury campus
news: Australian police to crack down on eating and driving
news: Hi-tech toilet swallows woman
news: Man Accused of Bestiality with Horse; Surveillance Tape Released
news: Russian site documenting some animations that Disney recycles
news: Man gets electrocuted trying to steal copper from power lines
news: guys and girls should follow SIX simple steps to land a lover
news: Record for world's largest pillow fight now stands at 3,659 people
news: Woman denied entry to Australia, for being to skinny
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